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Food Challenge!

Here is some irony for you. So, a good friend of mine asked me for an egplant dish. Hehe I’m laughing because I don’t eat eggplant nor do I cook it. Why? Well because the ONE food allergy that I do have happens to be eggplant. Hehe I’m laughing because just three to four days ago after having an conversation with my grandmoter, inlaw- about that. I thought to my self if id ever Master a eggplant dish. Hehe How cuuuuteee! The good thing is, is that this an food challenge for me. The only thing is that I can’t taste the SoulSoGood when I master this dish. Why oh why does anyone want eggplant?! Welp, some are for sure about to find out… hehe Oh how I love a great food challenge.
Hold your breath folks, the Food Physician has been called in for a major surgery.
Thanks dear friend ūüėČ


Mind Rewind

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Reverse Bullying!


OK I was going to really get all detailed and dramatic with this one, but this right here needs no extra twist to it. It is what it is!

On the way taking my daughter to school, who is in middle school, the seventh grade. She tells me that A student, eight grade¬†male studentpunched a teacher in the face. For disrespecting him. If you could have seen the look on my¬†face. So I ask several questions to get to the bottom of such nonsense. My main and final question was “what did the teacher do”? My child tells me that the teacher done NOTHING, just was walking around saying “he’s lucky he’s a child”. from what my¬†daughter says, that this was a grown mans punch,¬†and it¬†almost knocked the poor man off his feet! Also, I learned that this little boy is in a gang, some OOG or something like that. The end results was that he got expelled from school. However, the rest of his gang members are still at the school. I know the teacher that was attacked, and he is a good quality teacher. I really felt sorry for him, but at the same time I was a little upset that he didn’t PUNCH that little boy back. If that were me, I would have lost my job and my religion in the same day.

This my friends, is what I call “Reverse Bullying”! When the students attack and intimidate the teachers.

Pray for student teacher relationships.

TFIG! NO Freaky Friday!

ImageOK so I wake up to nothing but pouring down rain. This does not work for me because i have to take my husband to work, then back home to take my¬†two oldest to school. Oh can’t leave my twins the hard way¬†(they are 11 months apart) at home so i have to get them loaded into the car as well.¬†This morning for some reason the kids were extra crazy! I’m ticked at the weather¬†because¬†I can’t see in it- who likes to¬†blind drive with all four of there babies in the ca??! UGH! It doesn’t get any better when these “hard” twins that I have, the began¬†to DEMAND food, and juice the second we walk in the door, literally. Pulling on my legs wining and crying.¬†It’s really hard to teach these boys patience when I’m still practicing patience myself. So I decide to make them quater size pancakes with strawberry syrup. Well Ezra, decides he doesn’t want strawberry syrup, so I have to find him some Mrs Butters Worth for him. By the time I get back to the table with his syrup, Junior has eaten his pancakes and ALL of Ezra’s too. (God help me) Finally get that situation rectified. So I decide to make an important phone call to the IRS to check on my refund, which I’m still waiting on! Do you all realize the chaos? Can you even imagine?? I couldn’t even hear the automated system for goodness sake,¬†due to¬†Ez and Ju Ju¬†coming to me screaming, about who is doing what to who. Mind you they are 1 and 2! Ha Funny and cute, right. Not today. Finally, it’s quiet but wait! In my house that means trouble! something tells me to turn around¬†as as I listened to my motherly instinct there is Ju Ju sitting down on the carpet, ¬†indulging himself in half of candy bar. So I ask where is the other half? “brother” Yes, Ezra had the other half. Keep in mind I’m on hold with the IRS waiting to speak to someone live and¬†I have the speaker phone on, so I’m good, right? Well, when I finally got them to the point of sitting quietly and watching PBS kids. I go back to the phone,¬†attempt to check my emails while still waiting. Here is the best part of this Freaky Friday. The same time an live person comes on the line, Ezra walks in, walks to the phone, and HANGS UP!! No I have to start over, but before I do.. Here I am blogging it out of my system. Lets see what the rest of the day in-tells! Send me blessings, cause I’m going to need them.. heheh

This is why I am counting down the days until they start daycare,¬†and ¬†I can start school¬† for the Arts of Culinary, and MOSTLY get a break from my “twins the hard way”! I Love my babies ¬†we need at least two days out the week for about five hours a day, apart So we can miss each other.¬† I miss that part of parenting. I remember when those days with my oldest two who is 13 and 9. I think this is going to be good not only for myself, but for the family as well. Welcome to my crazy journey and enjoy! Soul so good-

Peace Love Blessings

Yours Truly,

Food Physician


Soul So Good-

First Day as a blogger I have arrived! Really?? Hellllp Me!!


I didn’t know how complicated this was going to be! I am for sure going to need some¬†help from you all. With the help of you all this blog site will be looking great. Hopefully i can get something popping before my radio interview on next Friday!

Nervertheless, this is going to be full of fun, laughs, and sometimes even tear! Expect encouragement, Love, good food, family, and sometimes foolery. Hey, I’m human there is no exceptions to that. People either love me or hate me, you decide. Excited to get to know a fresh new group of social networkers that will enjoy my blogging, as I will enjoy anyone elses who chosses to invite me in.

Yours Truly

Food Physician

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