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Food Challenge!

Here is some irony for you. So, a good friend of mine asked me for an egplant dish. Hehe I’m laughing because I don’t eat eggplant nor do I cook it. Why? Well because the ONE food allergy that I do have happens to be eggplant. Hehe I’m laughing because just three to four days ago after having an conversation with my grandmoter, inlaw- about that. I thought to my self if id ever Master a eggplant dish. Hehe How cuuuuteee! The good thing is, is that this an food challenge for me. The only thing is that I can’t taste the SoulSoGood when I master this dish. Why oh why does anyone want eggplant?! Welp, some are for sure about to find out… hehe Oh how I love a great food challenge.
Hold your breath folks, the Food Physician has been called in for a major surgery.
Thanks dear friend 😉

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