First Day as a blogger I have arrived! Really?? Hellllp Me!!


I didn’t know how complicated this was going to be! I am for sure going to need some help from you all. With the help of you all this blog site will be looking great. Hopefully i can get something popping before my radio interview on next Friday!

Nervertheless, this is going to be full of fun, laughs, and sometimes even tear! Expect encouragement, Love, good food, family, and sometimes foolery. Hey, I’m human there is no exceptions to that. People either love me or hate me, you decide. Excited to get to know a fresh new group of social networkers that will enjoy my blogging, as I will enjoy anyone elses who chosses to invite me in.

Yours Truly

Food Physician


About SoulSoGood

First and foremost I Love the Lord! I Love food, I Love to cook, and of course I Love my family with every fiber and soul of my being! I quit my job to pursue my food endeavors and dreams of writing a cookbook and ascending to become a Master/Personal Chef. One of my biggest challenges in cooking is the fact that I do not measure anything. This practice style of cooking I developed by watching my mother and grandmothers. And although this I consider to be a great quality to my craft, it isn’t conducive to my cookbook. The recipes that are going into my book are dearest to my heart and I know if done step by step, that my true heart and soul that are put into these dishes will be manifested. My cookbook is a special diary and place where I can freely express my trials, triumphs, my love, and most important that I can share these special things with everyone! In a very long time this is the most excited and proud that I’ve been, next to becoming a mother four times and a life time partner. Delicious, lusty, soulfully healthy, prepared and cooked with Love, are the ways my dishes/ meals are described! Me myself- Well I’m known as the: “Food Physician”- for my ability to “doctor” foods. I have successfully performed major surgeries on precooked/prepared foods. Prescribe only the best ingredients, practice only with fresh herbs and spices and Innovative meals/ recipes that are Soul so good- Food is my Life, food Saved my Life- Yours Truly Hacina Food Physician

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